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    Sending my husband to sleep-away camp!

    By lizmcg | August 3, 2008

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    Yes, the towels and sheets are packed, and I’ve done everything short of sewing little name labels into his clothing. My husband is off to sleep-away camp.

    Why, you might ask, is a 43-year-old father of three going off to camp in August? And why is his wife so happy to let him go?

    He really does have a good excuse. He’s a basketball coach and will be working this week at the DePaul girl’s basketball camp about an hour away. Geographically, it perfectly follows my rule when I moved out of my parents’ house — just far enough away that you have to call if you are coming home (and if your family calls to let you know they are on the way to see you, there’s time to hide the evidence of your last big blowout party).

    Although just an hour away, I’ve actually encouraged him not to come home. For the next five days, he needs to immerse himself in things like “Princeton offense” (his specialty), “3-2 defense” and scouting local talent. I’ve taken just about all I can over the years on these two terms in particular… and recently I’ve threatened to bombard him with information about “wordpress widgets” if he brings them up. It’s quite effective.

    I remember reading about the wife of a football coach who actually rented her husband a hotel room at the end of the season. She just couldn’t take his 24/7 focus on the game, and the restlessness that comes with it. The whole thing became too much to live with. A brilliant idea.

    If there are any other coaches’ wives out there, I’m sure you know what I mean. After every game there’s the initial breakdown of what happened (good or bad). If it’s bad, you end up being like Freud, trying to relieve the repressed trauma before it takes root in his subconscious. This is followed by hours, days, or weeks of second-guessing conversations (reliving the trauma), endless reviews of the tape, compiling stats, reviewing tapes of the next adversary, re-hashing everything with coaches and team, and on and on…

    Summer basketball isn’t nearly as bad, but it is nonetheless an adventure in geekdom that can only truly be shared with his peers.

    But there is one drawback to having a 43-year-old camper who is within driving distance of home. As he walked out the door this morning he called out, “If the arrangements are not to my liking, I’ll be back this evening… and there’s a very good chance that you’ll see me before the week is out…”

    I’d better brush up on my wordpress widgets conversation starters!

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