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    Full-time ballet school

    By lizmcg | July 8, 2008

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    Yesterday we were on our way to the store to pick out birthday party invitations. On the way we passed a ballet school with a big dancer on the sign.

    Now you should know that my daughter T~ is so excited. I’ve told her she can begin taking ballet this fall.

    At the tender age of almost-four she already has sacrificed her dream of professional figure skating. She didn’t like falling down on the ice, and when she learned that this happens regularly to figure skaters she literally couldn’t get those skates off fast enough.

    She’s watched ballet classes with enormous interest at our local park district. She wears her ballet shoes everywhere, in preparation. She wears her ballerina costumes at home. It’s as if at a moment’s notice she might be plucked out of the living room or the Starbucks parking lot to star in Swan Lake. She’d definitely be up to the challenge.

    T~ mentioned from the back seat that she’s looking forward to starting ballet, then bravely added with a little twinge of sadness ”I’m not going to miss preschool at all.”

    This prompted me to ask, very matter of factly, what she was planning to do this fall if not going to preschool.

    “Mom,” she answered without hesitation, “I can’t go to preschool anymore. I’ll be doing ballet.” Apparently she was also ready to sacrifice all friendships and connection to the outside world for the higher good of THE BALLET.

    “T~, you know that you’re going to be able to go to preschool during the week and to ballet on Saturdays, OK?” I answered with a smile. It reminded me of the discussion I had with E~ when she graduated from kindergarten… she thought school had been a good experience. Being a graduate, she was pretty much settled on the fact that she needed to see about getting a job. She was somewhat shocked to learn that first grade would follow.

    “That’s OK, mom,” T~ answered. She thought for a moment and then added, “You know, Mrs. C~ will let me practice my ballet at recess, so it won’t be too bad.”


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