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  • Toddler Tantrums

    Welcome back!

    Setting the tone for good behavior in your toddler is extremely important. It is my hope to give you good, practical and personal advice on the issue of tantrums.

    Many of the techniques that work with older children do not work with toddlers. Trust me, I’ve tried. In other words, unless you want a mountain of frustration, stick to methods that are appropriate for toddlers. Later, you can implement other things as your child grows.

    For more complete information on handling tantrums, and for dealing with discipline for older children, I highly recommend by Dr. Noel Swanson. I’ve used his book for several years with my own kids. It is easy to use, adaptable to your specific situation, and Dr. Swanson provides excellent tips and advice. His book will make your life much easier down the road.

    The basic strategies you’ll need are covered in the following articles:

    Step 1: Triage the tantrum

    Step 2: Use time-outs

    Step 3: Be consistent in toddler parenting