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    By lizmcg | July 11, 2008

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    My oldest comes running in… “Mommy! C~ pooped!”

    At the moment I’m trying to figure out how (a blog I absolutely adore and one you should visit) ended up at a place where she can get over 42,000 hits to a single blog post… thrilling stuff. My oldest has been given the task of helping her sisters get through breakfast and not kill themselves before 9 am each morning, at which time I have agreed to call it quits on my work. Her compensation is well worth it - it basically keeps her in Webkinz, lipgloss, and gum.

    “Where?!?” is my pathetic answer. I can barely get out of my chair fast enough, imagining what has happened and how gruesome it’s going to be to clean up.

    “On the potty!”

    Imagine my shock. There, in our itsy-bitsy first floor bathroom, proudly sits C~ on the real potty. I am told that she said she had to poop and then made a run for the bathroom herself.

    There is clapping and much high-fiving. The bottom is wiped, and proud sisters and mommy gather around to view the poop. The pooper herself gets to flush. Stickers are awarded.

    This is the long-awaited culmination of weeks of patience. Now if I could only get my husband to make the bed…. do you think stickers would work?


    On a complely different note, read the post from on how to use swimming pool noodles for making your home toddler safe. It’s absolutely brilliant.

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    One Response to “Poop!”

    1. Says:
      July 17th, 2008 at 8:11 am

      Hey! Well done.