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    Will the real Miley Cyrus please come forward?

    By lizmcg | July 27, 2008

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    The news of the week in every 9-year-old girl’s world was the release of the new Miley Cyrus album, Breakout. It’s a good album, with well written, catchy songs. There is nothing overtly racy on it, and I’m sure it will make a mint.

    In my opinion it’s also a bit disturbing. I think in the process of Miley now publicly claiming she’s Miley, something really important has been lost.

    Let me back up a step. Miley Cyrus, originally Hannah Montana, hit the stage a few years ago with songs that were very “girl power” oriented. Her lyrics loudly declared she could do anything including become President. The songs were decidedly fun but with an underlying theme of empowerment. This was a girl with something important to say.

    The new Breakout album has an entirely different feeling. There is teen angst, lots about love-hate relationships with boys, messages of school being boring, and needing to get away from it all by going out to party. Only one song, “Wake Up America” has a message, about caring for the environment.

    So let me ask this:  Miley, when did you lose the “girl power” that first endeared you to your fans (and to the mothers of your fans)? We all know you are a focused young woman with big dreams, far more than these lyrics portray. Why aren’t you showing your fans the other side of you (pun completely intended)?

    I think, Miley, that you can do better. Share what you really are… how you really think… and what you really do. Your fans will find this “other side” even more interesting than the cliche persona you are trying to create.

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